Why bother sharing your slide decks?

Most of the time, when I start a blog post with a question it’s because I think I know the answer. But not this time. Today I asked myself that question again, after seeing some people share their presentations online. Sharing is nice, of course. But when you share your presentation online, there’s one big …

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Shop Globally

The economy is a funny thing. I should buy locally, to support the local economy. Yet the same rules of economics make me shop for technology elsewhere. Because the price is right abroad, especially when buying video games. With the arrival of the Xbox One the local (web)shops have increased the price of a single …

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Change is inevitable, because the only thing which never changes is events in the past. So I, Too am making changes, long overdue adjustments. For a better future and a better now. Maybe I’ll someday share what those changes are when and if the desired results gave been set in stone, instead of wishfull thinking.

Professionalism & Volunteers, not mutually exclusive.

“But they are volunteers.” This sentence is often used, often to excuse the actions (or lack of actions) of someone volunteering for something.¬† I will admit that you can’t keep volunteers to the same standards as a paid employee of an organization or a company. Everyone (hopefully) understands that there is a limit to how …

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Embracing the Linux Command Line

For a very long time, I avoided the command line of Linux like a plague. Sure, I’d mess around with Ubuntu occasionaly. But only in desktop mode. SSH access? I’ll just stick to FTP instead, that’s far less complex! Until last year I told myself using the command line was “too hard” and “not worth …

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More than a year ago, I launched, a website for “commercial” Joomla documentation. After some deliberating I’ve decided to pull the plug on Toralkodocs when the hosting is due for renewal, in June. The goal of was to build a Joomla documentation site, which would be updates frequently. But due to a lack …

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Investing time and money to save on both

My company is currently making some changes to the way we work. You can always make improvements somewhere. For us, one of the area where we wanted to make changes was the automating of our hosting & domains billing / administration. Company-wide we’re using OpenERP which is a good product, but for our Hosting & …

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Replacing Twenty Fourteen

One of the reasons why I like using WordPress for my personal blog(s) is the number of (free) templates you can choose from. My all time favorite CMS Joomla does have it’s share of interesting templates, too. WordPress just has a bigger portfolio, and the styles they are offering are closer to my personal taste. …

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Continuous Improving over Never Getting Anything Done

Lately I have started to change how I approach my personal projects. In the past I would analyze every bit of the project first because I wanted to ‘get it right first’ But I have learned that I will never settle on ‘what is right’ and instead of creating something I would end up analyzing …

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My Low-tech To-Do List

Everyone who works, wants to be as productive as possible, and I’m sure everyone’s got his tools to make sure that’s the case. At work, we’re using a combination of ApolloHQ for project Management, a Joomla 3.2 site with Akeeba Tickets for support, Office 365 for collaboration and OpenERP for… well, all other things. Each …

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