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Technology tips and tricks, formerly known as Joomla & More

Originally started as a personal blog and a personal knowledge base, JandMore’s approach has never changed. It is, first and foremost, a platform to share tips and tricks that have been useful to me which might help other people.

The unassuming articles are written in a casual tone, with the goal to make every article as understandable as possible for the reader. The goal of this blog is to help as many people as possible solve their IT problems, which we have been succesfully been doing for the past nine years.

On top of tutorials, reviews and opinion pieces have been published on the website.

The name of the blog is a result of the early years. When the blog started taking off, I was fascinated (or perhaps obsessed) by the Joomla CMS and most articles were dedicated to it. So when the time came to choose a domain name and inspiration said it couldn’t make it for the creative meeting “Joomla & More” was born. Because that was what this blog would be about: About Joomla… and other things too.

Over time, the ratio between Joomla / non-Joomla articles has been corrected. Because of the limiting nature of the name, I decided to rebrand the blog to “JandMore”. This is reflected in the Youtube channel, which is named “JandMore TV”. Copyright claim THAT, OSM.

There is no particular philosophy behind the blog. Despite – or perhaps thanks to – it’s laissez-fair approach it has become one of the bigger Joomla blogs and managed to help thousands of people with non-Joomla problems as well.

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