Embracing the Linux Command Line

For a very long time, I avoided the command line of Linux like a plague. Sure, I’d mess around with Ubuntu occasionaly. But only in desktop mode. SSH access? I’ll just stick to FTP instead, that’s far less complex!

Until last year I told myself using the command line was “too hard” and “not worth the hassle”.  That changed somewhere last year. I had to do some work on a dedicated server, via the command line. There was no other option.

Before I knew it, I adjusted to using the command line. I learned the basics, and started applying it everywhere. and now I can’t go back. Manipulating files using FTP? Ewwwwww… Uploading a ZIP file I can just grab on the server with WGET? Madness! Setting up cron jobs? Sure, I can do that.

I am not a “master of the dark arts” of the command line. I likely never will be. But that’s okay, because the basics are already saving me a lot of valuable time. I’m not afraid of the dark, scary terminal anymore. 🙂