More than a year ago, I launched, a website for “commercial” Joomla documentation. After some deliberating I’ve decided to pull the plug on Toralkodocs when the hosting is due for renewal, in June.

The goal of was to build a Joomla documentation site, which would be updates frequently. But due to a lack of time, inspiration and other issues, toralkodocs never became a success. There are no regrets – I tried something, it didn’t quite work out as planned, and now it’s time to let go of the idea – for the time being, at the very least.

Founders Forever

Toralkodocs’ hosting was funded with donations of people, who joined the ‘Founders Club’. Most of these founders have a subscription that ends in August. When I made the pitch, I did included a “No promises!” clause and people accepted that they were making a donation to a project that might, or might not work out.

While I can’t give them a refund for the two remaining months, I hope to make up for it in the future, when I release new “commercial” products. Think big discounts or free access. I will make sure to inform you (when you’re on that list) when something interesting pops up. Thank you for your support, and for believing in Toralkodocs.

Edit: I’ve recently discovered Leanput which is very close to how I write my books. I will be researching on moving my docs there. Which means there will be updateable books, minus the overhead of hosting, sites and subscription management.