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Picture of Steven Zeegers in black and white, which tries to dazzle the user with my stunishing good looks.

Hey there, and welcome to my personal website. If you ended up on this page, that means that you probably asked yourself the following question:

Who is Steven Zeegers?

That’s an excellent question and one I ask myself a lot while staring into a mirror. Or more frequently, when I’m seeing my reflection in a PC or TV monitor. Just who is that guy?

The short version

I’m Steven Zeegers, a ( $currentyear – 1984) year old Belgian geek with a passion for writing, IT, technology and gaming. I have no claims to fame. The only reward I remember getting was a participation trophy for finishing last in an archery competition.

The long version


What should you know about Steven Zeegers, also known as employee $HREmployeenumber ?

Professionally, I’m what you’d call an IT Consultant. That means that I spend most of my days in front of a monitor, where I’m analyzing needs of companies while I develop and test solutions using existing or custom components. I mostly focus on Office365 and Web Development while I’m also reorienting myself to become a software developer.

Unfortunately, I’m currently unemployed due to Covid-19 measures. If you’re a head hunter or know a guy who knows a guy who’s got a job for me, why not check out my resume?


When I’m not at work, I’m still Steven Zeegers. Same person. Same interests. Different activities. I don’t like taking my work home with me. Sorry, future employers. I know that’s a big blow for your ego.

After office hours, I’m mostly passionate about creating content. I’m an avid blogger and aspiring YouTuber, and dream of creating content professionally so I’ll never have to leave my home office again!

Otherwise, you’ll find me playing video games or enjoying both serious and silly movies. You might also find me hanging out with my favorite people (my two nieces and the rest of my family), watching a football game or writing crappy novels.

Technology and video games are a passion of mine. There’s just something magical about booting up a video game and experiencing a world that’s completely different than what you’re used to, whether it’s because you’re adventuring in a mysterious land or racing down small country roads in a car I can’t even afford to look at. Gaming is probably the purest and most harmless form of escapism that exists, and it’s awesome.

Lastly, I suppose I should mention that I’m autistic. It sure does affect the way I experience the world and defines me as a person, but I don’t feel like I should start conversations with mentioning it. The same applies to “about me” sections.”.


Computertaal (Until 2014-ish)

I’m a (former) writer for Dutch IT blog Computertaal. I mostly focused on writing reviews about video games. Which, believe it or not, is something you can get tired off if you do it too often. Which is why I went looking for something else to do

OpenTranslators (July 2011 – December 2918)

OpenTranslators was a non-profit associated with the Joomla community. It attempted to close the gap between volunteer transaltors and application developers, so that their applications could be translated in as many languages as possible. As a board member, I had a hand in steering the organization in the right direction. OpenTranslators was disbanded as the workload became too exhaustive to handle for unpaid volunteers.

Joomla & More ( 2015 – Present)

I’m the editor and owner of Joomla & More, one of the biggest blogs about Joomla which evolved into more of a generalist tech blog. Also associated with JandMoreTV on YouTube

Social Media

Want to get in touch or get to know me better? I’m fairly active on Twitter. I don’t often post on Facebook or LinkedIn, but feel free to stop by and say hello on there as well!

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