Resume Steven Zeegers

Hey there, head hunter or other person showing some sort of interest in my career and achievements. On this page, you’ll find my resume. Does anything what you see look interesting? Feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse. I’m always open to new challenges.


High School

Graduated from Provinciale Handelsschool Hasselt in 2003, with a diploma of Boekhouden-Informatica and a Business Management Certificate.


Studied Accounting & Taxation at PHL from 2003-2006. Unfortunately didn’t manage to graduate.

Adult education

I got certified as a Network Administrator in 2006-2007. This happened during a formal year long training, during which we were trained in all aspects related to computer networks, from managing servers to designing physical networks and getting our CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 certificates.

I originally wanted to study IT, but Algebra is a nightmare for my autistic brain so I set myself on a path to become an accountant instead. That seemed to be a great fit, as economics, management, taxation and laws highly interest me. Unfortunately I learned that I have no aptitude for the “accounting” part of being an accountant. So I turned sails again and got certified as a network administration, after passing a series of tests that were deliberately more difficult than any exam I’d ever taken.


PSW (October 2006 – August 2008)

Managed internal IT while working on client projects.

Biggest achievement was writing a detailed 100+ pages technical manual for a multinational in beauty products.

Analys4IT / Drenco N.V (September 2008 – February 2019)

Responsible for IT decision making and implementation of Drenco N.V and it’s subsidiaries. Mostly worked under the Analys4IT brand. Launched the web design division. Oversaw Digital Marketing and e-Commerce until 2019.

Biggest achievement was setup and continuous development of e-commerce platform for a multinational vendor of sports products generating 1M sales annually.

SerSo (August 2019 – Present)

Developed internal and external applications for sales teams and to help with the automation of business processes and lead the ItsMe integration project.

Currently working as an Ethical Hacker, performing pentests for our clients.

Biggest achievements were to create an unique sales app and setting up a ticketing platform for the countries’ biggest energy company.

Advisory role: Ciptor Benelux (2015 – Present)

Board member and technical advisor for IT consulting company.

Current status: Employed

I am currently working full time for SerSo. If you are looking for an Ethical Hacker slash pentester get in touch with me and we can discuss the possibilities with my exemployer.


Talking about myself isn’t one of my skills, but that probably won’t be what you are looking for. So here’s a summary on where I stand.


  • Dutch: Excellent (Writing, speaking)
  • English: Good (Speaking, if you don’t mind an accent) to excellent (writing)
  • French: Below average (speaking and writing) to good (understanding written texts)
  • German: None (speaking) to okay (reading)


I’m proficient with the following technologies or programs.

  • Office365 Administration
  • Magento (Administration)
  • Joomla (Administration)
  • WordPress (Administration)
  • Microsoft Office

I have an intermediate knowledge of the following:

  • Ethical Hacking and all it’s aspects ( network security, website security, desktop security)

I have a basic / functional understanding of the following programming languages:

  • Python
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Laravel (a PHP framework)

I have good knowledge or understanding of:

  • Server administration (Windows Server)
  • Networking (routers, switches, firewalls)
  • IT Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Ethical Hacking and it’s various aspects

On top of that, I’m pretty great at Googling and piecing together solutions if nobody else is available to do it.

What I excel at, is analyzing IT problems and writing technical documentation and reports. I have written countless reports for various big companies. The only complaint I’ve ever gotten was that I was “too thorough”, as if such a thing even exists!


For transparency’s sake, you should know that I’ve been diagnosed with autism. This isn’t very noticable on a surface level. During a conversation you’ll just think I’m a socially awkward weirdo. However, it means that I don’t do well in busy and loud environments. Meetings with groups of people are also wasted on me as I’ll spend the time wishing I weren’t there.

A side-effect of my autism is that you’ll need to be very specific when giving me an assignment. Please don’t leave me guessing! If I’m asking “too many questions” that’s because I feel like I don’t have all the information yet and as long as that’s the case, I won’t feel comfortable working on the assignment.

Because of my condition, I prefer working from my own home office. It allows me to control my environment for optimal productivity. But don’t worry, we can stay in touch through e-mail or the chat client of your choice.

Once you decide that you can look past the autism, you’ll see that I’m a pretty smart dude who won’t stop until he’s solved the puzzle. And I’m pretty loyal, too, because looking for jobs is scary!