Continuous Improving over Never Getting Anything Done

Lately I have started to change how I approach my personal projects. In the past I would analyze every bit of the project first because I wanted to ‘get it right first’

But I have learned that I will never settle on ‘what is right’ and instead of creating something I would end up analyzing the project over and over until I got fed up and dumped it for another project. I lost track of how many ideas I ended up tossing out of the window because of this.

Because I am also a tad bit impulsive I usually ended up with the basic resources for the project which I didn’t use in the end. They’re mostly domain names and extensions – nothing too expensive fortunately.

Nowadays I do things a bit differently. When I get an idea I already create the work environment, e.g the blog or site I want to create. I get the domain name and link it to the blank site. Premature? Maybe. But the idea that there’s a website out there waiting for me to improve helps me to focus on things I can change right now, instead of thinking about add-ons of add-ons of something I haven’t even built yet.

So far it hasn’t lead to an overkill of ghost sites yet. It’s a good start.