Replacing Twenty Fourteen

One of the reasons why I like using WordPress for my personal blog(s) is the number of (free) templates you can choose from. My all time favorite CMS Joomla does have it’s share of interesting templates, too. WordPress just has a bigger portfolio, and the styles they are offering are closer to my personal taste.

WordPress also releases a new “official” starter template anually, which is something I’d like Joomla to do as well. I think I’ve used all of them at some point, on one of my many blogs. Of all of them, Twenty Fourteen might be my least favorite for a “personal” blog. While responsive, it doesn’t look great on bigger screens as the template – which aligns left – leaves the users of bigger monitors with a lot of unused space to the left.

I am now giving Flat a try, which is a responsive template built on WordPress. What “attracts” me the most if the fonts being used. I am not a designer, but I’m totally a sucker for a good looking font. Not that I’d know how to pick them – which makes me grateful for the designers that do and build great templates.