Nerd is the werd

I know werd isn’t a word. Don’t be such a nerd, okay?

Three blog posts in a day? Yup. Heads up, if you are tired of “I’m just going to do the thing” posts, this one also isn’t for you.

Here’s the thing. I’m kind of a nerd. There’s no point in trying to dress that up. Video games and super hero movies are my thing. I have, on occassion seen an anime show that I didn’t dislike. I have a giant Eevee sitting on my airco unit in my room. If I look up I’m looking at a Fallout mask sitting next to Pikachu, and if I turn around I see a piece of furniture I got from my brother that’s used to showcase Vault Boy, The Child, and a statue from Kingdom of Amalur and two Xbox Controllers (it’s the Forza Horizon and Xbox Anniversary controllers). I also own lots of what I call “nerd shirts”.

Lots of people don’t know that about me. Probably even fewer people know that I am actually not a very serious person at all. I love dumb movies and comedy TV showds, YouTube shorts are hilarious and Tenacious D is one of my favorite bands (how could they not, they wrote the best song of the world). I also like making dumb jokes on Twitter, on occasion (but they’re often really bad).

For some reason, however, I have been connned into believing that it would be better if I expressed none of those things and that those are things I should keep to myself. I honestly have no idea how that happened. It can’t possibly have been my upbringing. My brother is a giga-nerd- he reads books about video games about movies and has the ultra deluxe mega edition somewhere. My sister just tells people “I’m an Efteling fan” when asked. My parents are all “It’s fine if you’re into nerd things, just do you” and are responsible for half of the nerd stuff in the room of my grown-ass self. So why have I never been able to express that to people?

What made me think I had to keep it some sort of a secret to be liked to people? Joke’s on me, by pretending to be this stoic serious person people still can’t look past the autism anyway, so I am only making things harder for myself by pretending I’m not something that I definitely am. I am a nerd and I am often the exact opposite of a serious person. If people don’t like that, that’s fine. You can’t please everyone, why should I try to appease everyone?

So, yeah, that’s also a thing I’m going to “just be doing”. I’m going to wave my nerd-pass at everyone who asks because damn it, that’s what I am and if anyone has a problem with that they need to realize that growing up and becoming boring as hell aren’t a mutual requirement.

Okay, deep breath. That’s enough “I’m just going to do me” posts for a day. We already hit the post quota for this year.

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