Steven 4.0

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Steven 4.0. If you have no idea that there were three previous versions of me, that’s all right. The number is a rough estimate of how many “big periods” I went through in my life. To roughly summarize things, these are the release …

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15 Years Of Blogging

Earlier last week, I got a reminder of how very, very old I am. This quarterlife crisis is sponsored by Xbox.¬†Thanks a lot, Microsoft… On a serious note, Xbox is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary. At first, I couldn’t believe I’ve been playing on the Xbox platform for so long. I’m still loving it! The only …

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A centralized experience? Nice

When you’re reading this post, you’re reading the first post on this blog that was written from WordPress.com. In their never-ending attempt to become more user-friendly, WordPress (and mainly Automattic) has been making a big effort to connect your existing, self-hosted blogs to the WordPress.com dashboard, making it easier to control all blogs at once. …

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