“Hey Steven, where do you get your hoodie?” asked no-one ever. Which is a shame. It’s a great hoodie. But okay, hoodies aren’t for everyone. Below, you can find some of my recommendations for products and services I (love to) use myself. It varies from hosting, to websites and other products I’d love to share with the world. That means you.

Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links. Clicking them will have some sort of benefit for me. But I’m recommending the products because they’re great, not because the rewards are great.


If you’re looking for quality shared hosting for your WordPress or Joomla sites, Siteground is a good bet. Their servers are up to date and secure, the support is great (and fast) and you get tons of options to make your site faster, safer or easier to manage.

I’m hosting my blog (the one you’re reading) and a few other sites on Siteground, and I’ve yet to complain about it. If you know me, that says a lot!

Special Offer: If you sign up through my affiliate link, you get 12 months of hosting for the prince of 1 – and I get a month of free hosting myself! So if you’re looking for great hosting and want to do me – and yourself a favor, sign up by using this link.

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