Rant: Euroscoop’s inability to update their site makes Thor sad.

Today, I was heading to the cinema with my brother (in crime) @kenobixios. We were planning to go and see Thor 2.  What we didn’t expect was Day 2 of Massive Fail at Euroscoop, the cinema complex we regularly attend.

As we arrive to try and buy our tickets we can’t find the movie in the list. We start to argue and doubt our ability to operate touch based devices, and check their website. Yup, Thor 2 is scheduled for 20h00. So, what gives?

We head up for the box office for the Ancient – where people verbally pass on their movie preference to a stranger, whom they then hand over a piece of paper with a fixed value. On the screens, we see that “Marina” is playing in three of the projection thingies. But no Thor 2. We don’t want no Marina. We don’t care for the life story of a local singer, who had his last hit when an LP wasn’t the hipster, but the only way to play a record. We want Norvegian mythological action heroes!

What gives? @kenobixios goes to the ticket guy (another relic of the past) and tells him about their error. He goes into instant denial mode, saying that it clearly indicates that Thor has been replaced by another ancient, lesser known relic. Unfortunately for him, K. pops out his smart phone, and opens their site. And shows them that Thor 2 is scheduled on their site. And, oh, what’s that, he can also order tickets for the cancelled awesome that is Thor 2.

Wow. Amaze. Such awkward. Very fail.

So there’s no other option for us than to head back home, and watch Thor 2 another day. Hopefully, they will not fail us a third time, because yesterday – yes, going to the cinema back to back is how we sometimes roll – we bought tickets for Ender’s Game, headed to the right cinema room, when they show an unsettling amount for Dutch productions. And guess what which movie started? No, not Ender’s Game. A Dutch movie we didn’t want to see.

You can’t force me to watch our national export product, Euroscoop. Nice try, though. Because of your inability to keep your website up to date, we feel forced to call you next time to ask if you can check which movies start playing. Maybe we’ll even fax you, for confirmation. Who knows.

Wow. So little Thor. Very unhappy. Much fail.

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