Put your “opinion” where you own it.

Today, a collegue of mine told me how a ‘rant’ about a big IT company he made on Linkedin, mysteriously vanished after he refused to take the post down. This after company first called him (!) and ordered him to take it down. Yay for free speech!!

Of course I could blog about how disturbing it is that Linkedin gives companies the tools to apply that sort of “censorship”. But my opinion of Linkedin is fairly low as it is, so… pass.

But I would like to point out that, if you’ve got an opinion on a topic, there’s only one “great” place to share it. And that’s a blog or site which you own. Somewhere a post only gets removed if you choose to do so.

Don’t even get me started on blogging on sites where the traffic only benefits the platform. Like Linkedin, for example.

So, my general advice: If you’ve got an opinion on something, and it’s not illegal – get your own blog. If your excuse not to do so is that you’re afraid people might respond less than favorable, you shouldn’t be sharing that opinion to begin with. 😉

edit: Minor edits for typo’s & better wording