Joomla adopted an “unique” scheduling system some time ago. Try explaining a client that it’s better to be on 2.5 than on 3.0 whereas everyone else says “Use the latest and greatest.” Try explaining them that there’s no 3.3 and 3.4 because of… well… reasons. With the arrival of 4.0 we can fix the versioning, and adapt a more sensible approach.

I’m not going to discuss the current versioning system in lenght. In case you didn’t know, it basically comes down to this:Continue reading

Today, I was heading to the cinema with my brother (in crime) @kenobixios. We were planning to go and see Thor 2.  What we didn’t expect was Day 2 of Massive Fail at Euroscoop, the cinema complex we regularly attend.

As we arrive to try and buy our tickets we can’t find the movie in the list. We start to argue and doubt our ability to operate touch based devices, and check their website. Yup, Thor 2 is scheduled for 20h00. So, what gives?Continue reading

One or two weeks ago, the Dutch team of OpenTranslators  – which I’m proud to coordinate – passed a “big” milestone, when the 100Th translator was approved.

That’s one hundred people, translating extensions into Dutch. The results speak for themselves: the Dutch team is the most productive OpenTranslators team – outperforming some bigger teams like the Spanish (Sorry, Luis). Seeing how those volunteers work hard to translate extensions, is a humbling experience.

Of course, with the headline I picked you’re expecting tips on how I made it happen. And I will gladly deliver – although the recipe for success is surprisingly simple.Continue reading

Recently I’ve been having thoughts. To be specific,  I had ideas for things I want to blog about but they didn’t seem like a good fit for my blog I’m best known for (Joomla & More). After some experimenting, they weren’t a great foundation for new, specific blogs either. That was rather dissapointing, and definitely didn’t help with recovering from Domain Registration Disorder but I got over it, eventually. Gaming therapy can do miracles to make you forget dumb ideas.

When they haunted me in my sleep, I told the ideas to leave me alone, but since apparently it’s not healthy to speak to yourself, I said to myself: “Let’s give this personal blog thing another try.”  So here we are.

I’ve been a bit hesitant, because lately certain people don’t seem to like me voicing an opinion on certain subjects which  I shall not mention because I don’t want them to take certain actions again. But then I realized that there’s “unfollow” buttons on various social media which they’re free to push, so here we are. And I’m repeating myself.

What will I be writing about?

Excellent question. Anything that interests me, which includes (but isn’t limited to) technology, Joomla, Video Games… you know, the things I like to talk about on Twitter. No, not that topic. Okay, maybe I will. But only to point people towards decent hosting. There, the big H word is out.

Why did you choose WordPress? You’re a Joomla Man!

It is true that I love Joomla and blogging about Joomla. However, when picking a tool you’ve got to make sure it meets your requirements. However, for this blog, which has the purpose of blogging, a specialised blog tool is the best fit. I might blog about that in the future. And I’m also sort of a WordPress man, too. Just a bigger Joomla Man.