Making all that money online

“Make Money Online”, What you’re really buying.

Anyone with a “hiatus” between jobs, access to a computer and knowledge of building a website has been there at some point. You were on the website after seeing an advertisement or Googling “How to make money online”. You were about to click that button that screamed at you to BUY THIS THING NOW. For only $99 you could unlock the secrets to making thousands of dollars online a month. All you would need was access to a computer – and the internet, they always forget to mention the internet – and their course with a magic money generating formula.

Did you end up buying such a course? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. For those who haven’t, I’ll save you the money and tell you what you would have bought and what their secret to making money is.

How they make money online with a computer. And the Internet.

Are you ready to start making some money? Because you are only a few paragraphs away from finding out how to get paid. All you need to do is read this article and click the “Pay Steven” button at the end, to unlock the secret. But read fast, because only a few people will reach the end of this article and discover the secret to getting paid. Do you want to make money or do you want to regret not finishing this article?

There is no rush to get to the end of the article. Unlike those online money cash cow farmers, I haven’t actually added a link to the end of this article. The paragraph above could have been ripped from one of their websites, though. It’s always urgent to sign up for their website. There is always a unique sale going on, places are always limited and you will never get this chance again.

Lies. Nothin’ but lies and marketing B.S

The sense of urgency is a page out of their book of tricks to make the sale. Granted, getting users to take action is basically a requirement if you want to make money online. You will want them to buy your product, sign up for something or otherwise interact with your website. When it comes down to it, however, you could click on that link any day of the week and get the same product at the same price. It’s the nature of what they are selling you.

What those online “gurus” are selling you is the idea of getting rich. Ten thousand dollars a day. Six digit numbers a month. Look at this expensive car I am sitting in, don’t you want that? And check out this mansion in the background, would it not be awesome to own a mansion like that?

I make money online so I definitely own this Ford GT
smarko / Pixabay

How they’re really making money

Do you want to know how they are really making their money? By tricking people into buying their online courses. They have created some “courses” on online marketing in the form of “exclusive articles” or videos. If I were to take a stab at what these courses are teaching you, it’s that they are going to teach you how to build an online course to sell to your audience. What they will be sharing is the same aggressive marketing tricks used to lure you in. That is what they are experts in, after all. There is no secret to making thousands of dollars that for some reason has never been discovered except by this smooth looking guy in the Youtube ad.

Developing an online course or writing an e-book then aggressively marketing it is “content marketing 101”. Here is the thing, though. You are not going to magically make a bunch of money. You are entering a saturated market where you will be fighting for turf with other marketing “specialists” who are all one-tricking the same concept.

But what about the money they are making? Well, of course, they are getting paid. They are selling those courses to thousands of people like you. Then there is always a follow-up course for you to follow because you just can’t get your new “business” off the ground, but you feel you are super close.

Yeah, Steven. That’s cool, but I saw the mansion and the sports car. And he was holding money. MONEY.

Do you know what all of those things have in common with each other, my observant friend? They can all be borrowed or rented. Spend a few hundred dollars on them is a smart investment because they’ll make people think they are making thousands of dollars a month, which in turn generates hundreds of dollars of income per month when people buy their courses.

Go read a book

Content marketing can be an interesting “job”. Those marketing snakes aren’t lying when they say that the job can be done with just a computer (and internet access). If you know how to write a good article, have basic knowledge of building websites and have the patience to grow your work. If you want to learn about content marketing, however, I’d suggest you read an actual book or two on the topic to teach you the fundamentals. For starters, those books will be significantly cheaper. You might also learn something which isn’t “How do I build a course to teach people how to sell courses.”

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