Here we go (again)!

Recently I’ve been having thoughts. To be specific,  I had ideas for things I want to blog about but they didn’t seem like a good fit for my blog I’m best known for (Joomla & More). After some experimenting, they weren’t a great foundation for new, specific blogs either. That was rather dissapointing, and definitely didn’t help with recovering from Domain Registration Disorder but I got over it, eventually. Gaming therapy can do miracles to make you forget dumb ideas.

When they haunted me in my sleep, I told the ideas to leave me alone, but since apparently it’s not healthy to speak to yourself, I said to myself: “Let’s give this personal blog thing another try.”  So here we are.

I’ve been a bit hesitant, because lately certain people don’t seem to like me voicing an opinion on certain subjects which  I shall not mention because I don’t want them to take certain actions again. But then I realized that there’s “unfollow” buttons on various social media which they’re free to push, so here we are. And I’m repeating myself.

What will I be writing about?

Excellent question. Anything that interests me, which includes (but isn’t limited to) technology, Joomla, Video Games… you know, the things I like to talk about on Twitter. No, not that topic. Okay, maybe I will. But only to point people towards decent hosting. There, the big H word is out.

Why did you choose WordPress? You’re a Joomla Man!

It is true that I love Joomla and blogging about Joomla. However, when picking a tool you’ve got to make sure it meets your requirements. However, for this blog, which has the purpose of blogging, a specialised blog tool is the best fit. I might blog about that in the future. And I’m also sort of a WordPress man, too. Just a bigger Joomla Man.


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