The end of Joomlareporter

Next month, I’ll be saying goodbye to Joomlareporter, the 2nd oldest project I’ve ever started (since I started to keep track of them, that is). The reason is simple: I lack both the time and motivation to write articles about Joomla for two blogs. Blogs which, by their very nature, are competing with each other in what is already a niche market.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Joomla as a product, but in hindsight, it was a terrible idea to start a dedicated Joomla blog. Looking at the facts, Joomla & More has always been stronger in the “More” department than in Joomla articles. Which is no shame, or something I regret. I’ve always had a casual approach to writing articles, and that style doesn’t permit churning out articles on the samee topic for two different blogs. Does that mean I lost the “challenge” to blog using Joomla? Perhaps. Does that affect me in any way? It doesn’t.

Joomlareporter was an interesting thought experiment, which taught me a valuable lesson. There is only so much free time and resources you have, and you’ve got to spend them wisely. I’ll need to keep that lesson in mind when I want to start yet another blog!