Dipping our toes in the WordPress water

Do you remember how I blogged earlier this year, about how “our”company wanted to explore horizons? You skipped it because it didn’t start with “How to?” Thanks… Well, either way, one of our ships has set sail to the WordPress islands. This week our scouting party has landed there, and we are doing some exploring. I

So far, we are having a good time. The learning curve seems to be a little less steep compared to Joomla , and the main reason for that is that the documentation seems to be more clear / easier to understand. Their documentation makes less assumptions about what you do or don’t know already.  Thank you, corporate overlords.

WordPress – Betrayal at the Beach?

We’ve started to experiment with WordPress, because while we love Joomla, it isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution as far as we’re considered. We are going to try and find out of WordPress is a better fit for the smaller websites we occasionaly build. The sites without the bells and whistles. A few pages of text, one or two plug-ins et voila. Do whatever you want with that site, just don’t click that butt…. noooo!

I am not unfamiliar with WordPress myself, from an end-user point of view. It’ll be exciting to see what WordPress has got to offer from a sitebuilder / web developer point of view. So far, we’ve found out how to create child themes, override parts of the template and much more. We’re not quite comfortable because we’re missing the “Akeeba Backup” button, though. *opens Joomla site for quick fix.* Ahhhh. Much better.

You can do that in x, too!

If this post would go viral (which is fortunately unlikely) I could aldready predict the comments.

  • You can build small sites in Joomla, too!
  • WordPress isn’t just for small sites, it’s a real CMS!

At this point I respectfully disagree. Joomla needs to lose some weight to compete with WordPress in the small weight area. WordPress would need to gain some weight to compete with Joomla.

And you know what? I don’t want either one of them to change because both are perfectly good tools, in their own way. Of course there are some things I’d like to see differently (mostly in Joomla), but Joomla shouldn’t emulate WordPress. And WordPress… there’s already enough CMS’es in the world that are hard(er) to use.

(Ninja edit: Someone on Twitter just said “I’m sorry” when he found out we mostly use Joomla. <– those were the comments I meant.)


Started experimenting with WordPress at work. Fun. Something else. Joomla still great tool. Both great at what they do. Squirrels.