Change in the air

If you walk outside, you’ll probably feel the cold in the air. Winter is coming has arrived a while ago, and when you step outside you can almost taste it, these days. You notice it’s cold as soon as you dare to step out of bed.

But this isn’t a blog post to muse about the change of seasons, but rather in life itself. Change, while scary, is good and can often be necessary. In our company, we’ve always realized that if you don’t adopt, you “die”, especially if you’re struggling in an already saturated market.

Which is why we’re always looking for new, exciting projects. Constantly searching for new products, technologies which we believe in. As part of that, my job is partially changing (again), as I’m now learning more about two-factor authentication. This isn’t some buzzword or hype. two-factor authentication is going to become the norm, soon, and I’m excited to learn more about it.

It’s funny how that journey started through Joomla, and some people on twitter who mentioned a Yubikey. The snowball started rolling from there. While I can’t share the entire story, without telling too much about our current and future plans, I just wanted to point out how it’s funny how Joomla always has, and always will be connected to the aspects of my job.

Speaking of change and Joomla, I’m far less excited about what the future for Joomla holds in store, simply because no-one knows, at the time. It’s easy for me to say “Well, just create a plan already”, but we know that’s not how it works. Not in Joomla land. So I hope that things will change for the better. The past year taught me that pessimism doesn’t get you anywhere. Of course, I still wrote a critical “State of Joomla” post, but you can be critical without thinking “everything is going to hell.”

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to talk about. Change can be good, I’m excited for things to come (I’ll let you know when I know more / can share more) and we’ll all continue being awesome.