A centralized experience? Nice

When you’re reading this post, you’re reading the first post on this blog that was written from WordPress.com. In their never-ending attempt to become more user-friendly, WordPress (and mainly Automattic) has been making a big effort to connect your existing, self-hosted blogs to the WordPress.com dashboard, making it easier to control all blogs at once.

And I’ve got to admit, I really like that idea. Only having to log in once to manage a bunch of sites – because yeah, I run more than one WordPress blog but you figured that out by now – so I can create a blog post? Cool. But with the newest update, I can also update my WordPress instances and it’s plug-ins. Even nicer!

Of course, this isn’t a tech post to tell you about how awesome WordPress is. It’s more of a test post to see if it actually gets published, because before Jetpack 3.3 (the glue between your site and WordPress.com) I couldn’t publish anything, for some reason.

Here’s to nothing!

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