Friday evening is as good a time as any to migrate your websites. The time had come to move away from SiteGround after being with them for four years.

After inventorizing my websites I decided to delete most of them. Most of those website were never updated and some only had only one or two blog post. At most, some had ten posts written over a few years.

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I am a chronical procrastinator. There, I said it and you read it. That’s why I have been post-phoning finding a new home for this blog for over two years.

It really was in need of a new home, though. In the past few years, the hosting company where it was previously hosting has been “improving” in all the wrong directions. Prices kept increasing each year, and performance went down.

This is a simple blog, which runs only a few plug-ins and yet it still ran poorly on the old host, despite enabling all their “amazing features” to make your site better. It was often slow, I kept getting messages that it wasn’t available when I wasn’t looking and enabling caching made the site worse to interact with, not better.

I might write a blog post about OldHost in the future, although their reputation of becoming significantly worse has preceded my blog post. It would most likely be a drip in the ocean of affiliated blog post praising their product, but I feel like it’s something that needs to be said.

But first, I have some more sites to migrate so they can become roommates of my personal blog. Speaking of which, I hope I’ll be able to write some more posts in the future. Maybe some blogs won’t make the cut while migrating them so I can focus on only a few.