In any modern company, there is really no place for magic. Sure, there are sales and marketing teams trying to sell snake oil, managers that expect their employers to bend the laws of time to finish projects against impossible deadlines and costumers that wish their mere looks could kill you. But none of that comes even close to magic.

The closest you’ll get to magic, is the way how people interact with their IT staff. In this short post, I’m presenting irrefutable proof that people think the IT staff are genies. I’ll be updating this list as I think of more. And as always, your suggestions are welcome.

Here’s the proof:

  1. Their wish is your command. (Even if giving those commands isn’t on their job description)
  2. They expect instant results. No matter how big the miracle they’re asking for.
  3. Oh, they also expect you to perform miracles.
  4. Performing these miracles better be free!
  5. They’ll only enter your lair if they need something from you.
  6. They will want your genie powers. If you give them these powers, terrible things will happen.

I’ll be adding to this list. Let me know your suggestions!