A while ago, I made the decision to cancel my subscription to a soccer magazine. I received both a paper and a digital version. I just wanted to keep reading the digital version. So, I cancelled my subscription with the plan to renew it through the iPad app.

Today, I did just that. I opened their Kiosk app, and subscribed. iTunes did it’s part and the subscription popped up in my “subscriptions” space, which is refreshingly simple: it ends on X, auto-renew on X or not? Easy and straight forward like most Apple stuff.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said on the other end. Despite my subscription I can’t read the newest magazines. Every time, the app greets me with a “Subscribe for $29,99” message, or it suggests I buy single magazines (the ones I’m entitled to since the subscription started.

There’s a button for “subscribers” to the magazine to log in, which is where it gets messy. It requires an account with the publisher. While I still have one, it asks me for my subscription number.

Which is usually printed on the magazine’s wrapping which I don’t have.

Or my payment statement. Which I don’t have either.

So, now I have to leave the “app logic” and mail them, and hope that they know what the situation is. At this point I regret not just renewing the subscription, if I have to go through their system anyway…