Last Friday I was given a Surface Pro 2 to test some things with. Until my employer makes it clear what I’m exactly supposed to test, I’m satisfied with testing the Surface itself.

The tablet comes with a cover keyboard (I forgot the exact name) and it’s clear that I’m not the first person to test it (the wear and tear is visible), but so far I’m enjoying testing it. I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for some time now, so that’s not new. But running it on a tablet which can compete with a desktop, is something else.

So far, the Surface functions great. It’s fast and responsive, and… well, it’s running Windows 8. I didn’t really need to figure out how it works (of course I’m still getting used to Windows 8 itself, but let’s that keep a secret). It’s got a 64GB SSD which is enough for testing purposes, and the processor is enough for the casual usage. I’m running Office, my browsers, and some of the apps (twitter and the likes).

I’d consider buying a Surface Pro at this point, but I’ve spent my tech budget for last month and the few next months when I bought my MSI Extreme (a monster of a laptop), so I’ll have to wait. Unless Microsoft wants to gift me a Surface Pro, of course. 😉