Lately I have started to change how I approach my personal projects. In the past I would analyze every bit of the project first because I wanted to ‘get it right first’

But I have learned that I will never settle on ‘what is right’ and instead of creating something I would end up analyzing the project over and over until I got fed up and dumped it for another project. I lost track of how many ideas I ended up tossing out of the window because of this.

Because I am also a tad bit impulsive I usually ended up with the basic resources for the project which I didn’t use in the end. They’re mostly domain names and extensions – nothing too expensive fortunately.

Nowadays I do things a bit differently. When I get an idea I already create the work environment, e.g the blog or site I want to create. I get the domain name and link it to the blank site. Premature? Maybe. But the idea that there’s a website out there waiting for me to improve helps me to focus on things I can change right now, instead of thinking about add-ons of add-ons of something I haven’t even built yet.

So far it hasn’t lead to an overkill of ghost sites yet. It’s a good start.

Everyone who works, wants to be as productive as possible, and I’m sure everyone’s got his tools to make sure that’s the case. At work, we’re using a combination of ApolloHQ for project Management, a Joomla 3.2 site with Akeeba Tickets for support, Office 365 for collaboration and OpenERP for… well, all other things.

Each of those tools are good at what they do, but since  I have to work with all these programs and assign work to some of my co-workers that means I’ve got to complete tasks logged in these sources. Then there’s also “e-mail (far less productive than business types claim it to be) and work I come up with through the day… That’s a lot of places to look at for to-do items.Continue reading

“Nice blog you’ve got there. But, ehm… I couldn’t help but notice you are using WordPress. To blog about Joomla. That’s funny, haha. What’s that all about?”

Occasionaly, someone who reads a post (and hopefully more than one) discovers that Joomla & More – a blog dedicated to the CMS Joomla – runs on WordPress.  I’ll admit that it’s uncommon to say the least. But all things happen for a reason. And today I’m going to share the reason why Joomla & More is one of the few – if not the only – WordPress powered blog about Joomla. I’ll be blaming you somewhere halfway, so pay attention. 😉Continue reading

This is and old(er) post I managed to save from my old blog, which I deleted. Accidentaly. Which makes an excellent case for back-ups.

In the past few weeks, there has been a rather big amount of discussion about “Joomla’s Future.” Or, to be precise, there were a lot of arguments without anyone knowing what the future would bring. Apparently, a road map is a lot to ask for. And no, a blog post with a few general statements genre “We want to increase the adaptation of the Framework and the CMS in the next three years” doesn’t count as a plan for the future.

In between all my twitter rants (Change, bah!) I have also been doing some thinking about the future of Joomla – like I’m always doing.

While I am no developer, I’ve got a hand full ideas to “improve” Joomla in the future. They might be bad, impractical or “I might not get it”.  I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t blog about them.Continue reading

As 2014 arrived, I welcomed it with a mix of excitement and anxiousness.  Because in 2014, the small company I work for, turns over a new leaf. Things are changing. And we all know change is scary, right? What is changing, is that our company has updated / reinvented itself once more, as a result of our experiences in the past year(s)

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